Jan 5

Just a little while back I defended a young persons right to run for office, now I might have to eat those words. An  18-year-old high school student, Chelsi Smith of New Matamoras, is running unopposed for the Republican nomination for Ohio’s 93rd House district (which I live in).

Other candidates for office include an 18-year-old high school senior who plans to challenge state Rep. Jennifer Garrison, D-Marietta.

Chelsi Smith of New Matamoras is still attending classes at Wood County Christian School. She is unopposed in the March 4 Republican primary for the 93rd District Ohio House of Representatives seat, as is Garrison on the Democratic ballot.

I doubt that she’ll be able to provide a serious challenge to Garrison, but it’ll still be interesting.

Source: The Marietta Times

3 Responses

  1. Randy Says:

    Continue to follow this story and let us know how it unfolds.

    In a separate subject, I saw where Ohio is taking voting machines out (some? all?). The same machines are in use in SC. A local “computer scientist” claims they can be hacked. I’m not sure, but i think the local “computer scientist” is a professor I had in college. I wasn’t too impressed by her expertise.

  2. David Says:

    This is my district, there’s no way I won’t be watching this one. The incumbent (Garrison) is pretty popular and very conservative, so I think this really just means that the Republican party planned on staying out of this race.

    I know our Secretary of State has been investigating our voting machines and that some were found faulty. I also know that she’s requiring counties using touch screen voting machines to allow voters to use optical scan paper ballots by request (which my county uses anyway). I don’t know much more than that offhand.

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